How To Become Baba Ijebu Agent and Make Money (Business)

Have you been looking for a wonderful business to start with low startup capital. This is a wonderful and one of the top money making businesses in Nigeria that you can start with extremely low funds.

Baba Ijebu is currently the biggest lottery company in Nigeria and one of the top biggest in Africa. They allow people predict numbers and win. With agents scattered all around the 36 states in Nigeria, they rely on their agents to make it easier for people to easily place their bets.


Benefits of Being a Baba Ijebu Agent

  • You make 35% commission on every sale.
  • They payout winnings immediately.
  • They offer the highest odds in the market.
  • They provide flexible means of payment


Requirements To Become Baba Ijebu Agent

  1. Kiosk / Shop: This is the most important aspect of the business. You need to have your kiosk or shop located in a highly residential area, preferable somewhere close to a motor park or bus terminals as those are locations filled with the target customers. Baba Ijebu recommends you are located in a footfall preferably 70% residential and 30% commercial.
    Also the dimension of your shop should not be less than 6 feet by 8 feet. They also accepts kiosks and containers.
  2. Terminal:
    This is the red terminal you see at agents shops. it is used for placing bets and printing receipts.
  3. Thermal printer:
    This is also very important as it is used for printing tickets for the customers. You can get any thermal printer type of any size including POS 58 provided it has a driver.
  4. Forecast Board:
    This can be a white maca board or black chalk board. This is used for writing past results and games.
  5. Laptop, Tv or computer system:
    These are used for conducting the business. They are not always compulsory
  6. Internet Devices and facility (choose the network best suitable for your location


How To Apply For Baba Ijebu Agent

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Fill in the form correctly with your contact details and shop location.
  3. The company would get back to you

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  1. Good morning I want to become an agent in your firm, I have a place to cover very busi place where we will selling very well

  2. good afternoon to please i want to become Baba ijebu Agent and i dont know how to go about it.i leave in owode ijako otta sango ogun state.i have my shop in my house.

  3. Pls I want to become the agent of baba ijebu and I don’t how to start it can u enlight me from FCT Bwari sabogari

  4. Hello ,
    Trust my message meets you well. Please I need the requisite of becoming a major agent of Baba Ijebu in Uyo and its environs. Also, for feedback, I can be reached on 08068023381 and also via email address; [email protected].
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  5. Can someone operate baba ijebu and bet 9ja in the same shop?This is my first time of posting question to your company.

  6. good morning I want to become baba ijebu agent in akure I have a good area to start up the business please I need your help you can reach me with this 09075276687

  7. Good morning Sir \ Ma . I have just gone through reading all your webpage contents, and sincerely , I must state that every content is of huge interest to me.
    I’m a resident of Oshogbo. I have mapped out a strategic location where I can thrive the business if I’m given the opportunity to become Babajebu’s agent . I’m willing to work hard on this with all sincerity .
    I look forward to hearing from you Sir \ Ma

  8. Pls I want to be a babajebu agent ,I have a very good location at surulere lagos …. this is my number 07039015403

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