How To Become Golden Chance Principal Agent And Make Money

This is a comprehensive guide on how to become golden chance lotto agent, sub agent and principal agent and also how to make money operating their terminals in all states in nigeria. Golden Chance Lotto is one of the biggest lottery companies Nigeria can boast of. They are popularly known for paying their winnings as at when due and also rewarding their agents with up to 35% of their sales.

This journey is in stages. For starting, you need to become an agent under a principal agent. A principal agent is someone who stands like an intermediary between you and the Golden chance lotto company. Working as an agent would enable you gain enough experience about the business and then when you are successful at it, you can now apply as a principal agent.

As an agent, Golden chance gives you 15% of every ticket or game you sell, and they give you 20% for all ghana games you sell. As you improve your profile with them, they also increase your commission percentage and it can go as high as 35%.

To operate as an agent or sub agent, you need to meet some. certain requirements which we would highlights in the sections below.


Requirements To Become Golden Chance Lotto Agent

  1. Good Location: This is the most important requirement. Your office space should be located in a good location that has a lot of busy activities. The location you choose determines the success of the business. You need to choose a place that has a lot of activities going on. This would enable you to get a lot of customers to patronise you.
  2. Office / Kiosk: This is one of the most important requirement in becoming an agent. You need to get an office, you can either rent an office space or build a kiosk thats big enough to accommodate you and about 5 people. Also the office or kiosk should be able to propery house your work equipments like the terminal, boards, etc.
  3. Forecast Board: The forecast board is a white marker board or chalk blackboard where you write past results on for your customers to see and use in forecasting their games. This is important to allow your customers do their analysis before staking their games.
  4. Terminal: The terminal is the machine that you use to place the game and print out the tickets. This is also very important in the business. To get the terminal, you need to request from your principal agent. Getting the terminal is free.

Thats all for the requirements.


How To Apply As an Agent

To apply as an agent, you need to contact their customer care representatives who would put you through the process. Contact them through the following:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07033976247, 09056716486


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  1. Like if you give me the lotto number God will bless you for this thing you down for me

  2. like if you give me the lotto number god will bless you for this thing you down for me

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