How To Play Lotto9ja And Win Always (Step By Step Guide)

Lotto9ja an online lottery company owned and managed by a Nigerian and a sister company to Western Lotto. Lotto9ja Brand is an online brand for Naija by Naija where everyone can raise money by simply playing numbered tickets and in return get cash reward to bearers of such ticket numbers, always selected at random.

Everybody wants to play and win; as such knowing the best way to play is the only surest way to guarantee winning a jackpot and several other mouth watering prices offered by Lotto9ja. The beauty of this online lottery brand is that you get to play online, which save you the stress of walking under unfavorable weather condition just to locate near-by kiosks and even queuing to book numbered tickets . Also you withdraw you wining directly to your domiciliary bank account instantly and without difficulty.

But before you will be able to play and win, you would need to first register on the platform. Below is a step by step guide on how to register
Log on to

Locate the top right corner of the homepage, to find the “Sign Up” button . Click on it to move over to the registration form.

Fill the registration form that pops up with registration details to Fill in –Name, Password, and Email.

After filling this form, click on the button to agree to the term and condition which is a prerequisite to proceeding to the next page.

Once you are done, proceed to the final part which is to click on the “Register” button. The “Register” button takes you to the deposit section where you make your first deposit.

Cheers you have successfully Signed Up.

Now select a game from the pool of games. Click on the arrow to see more game options to choose from. But before you proceed to selecting a game, below are the list of various games you could choose from on Lotto 9ja:

1) 9JA MEGA: As the name implies with a minimum of N100, you could be on your way to winning a whooping sum of N7500,000. If you are constantly seeking for a Mega transformation financially, then 9ja Mega game could just be your way in, with as little as N100.

2) CARRY GO: Garry Go games offers you chances to win a jackpot price among many contending participants. Here many participants participate in a lottery game where the winner takes it all. Even if you were unable to win at the first instance, you could keep on trying; you never can tell if you could just be the next person to win.

3) SUPER STAR: Super Star game offer you two chances of winning, which are the price pool and the progressive jackpot. Just as the name implies, players are chasing for star, and there is certainly a star for everyone who dare to play, and everyone knows that for sure.

4) JUROYE: This is a quick and instant lottery game that starts immediately as you play. What is expected of you is just to match 5/15 random numbers correctly to win N 20,000. The question now is, why wait for daily Lotto when you could luckily grab N20,000 instantly on a daily basis? This could just be the fulfillment of the saying that opportunity goes everywhere looking for who is prepared.

5) KEKE: Keke is a legitimate side hustle that will move players from a place of lack to that of total abundance. Keke is the surest way to get to your state of financial abundance, because if you miss one keke, you could always get the next one. With keke, impossibility is is just an opinion.

6) PADI PADI: Just as the name implies, padi padi is a rival game between two friends who are confident that one on them must win or lose. In this type of game, players use a minimum amount of N100 to play the game and one in two wins. Padi padi offers two winning opportunity, the prize pool and the progressive jackpot.

7) OLOYE: Oloye meaning “CHIEF”. In this type of game, a VIP between two VIPs wins. Just like Padi Padi Oloye offers two winning opportunity namely; The prize Pool and the Progressive Jackport .

8) OSHO: Osho is a multi-draw game exclusive to Lotto9ja players, it is a daily free-roll game which runs every day at exactly 20:00. It is believed that every Naira of prize pool is guaranteed to payout.

9) WURA: Wura gives you that special feeling which you have when you posse expensive treasures. With this type of game, the winner takes it all, its your treasure, you have it all.

10) MAZI: Mazi, translated as leader-Bold and Confident, ever willing to deal with anything devoid of fear. With Mazi, lotto9ja extends your worth as far as you are willing and bold enough to play and win bigger, always one in three wins.

Just like Oloye and PadiPadi, Mazi offers you same two chances of winning, namely; The prize pool and the Progressive Jackpot.

Now that you have known the various games available to play,

Click on your game of choice

Decide how you wish to play, which could be either Manual or by Computer

Its either you allow the computer to randomly select a number for you

Or select Manually your own preferred numbers

Then you can click on the “ +” sign to add multiple number combinations

If you wish to add or not, confirm your bets

Then wait for the balls to roll out

Now that you have been guided through the steps of playing Lotto9ja and the various types of game available for play, the next thing is now to start playing, by first signing up to the Lotto9ja platform and start winning big of course . What are you stilling waiting for? Come lets go cash out instantly on a daily basis because with Lotto9ja I am a winner, you too is a winner, everybody is a winner.
Don’t miss your chance to make extra cash for yourself.