How To Play Winners Golden Chance Lotto: Step By Step

How To Play Winners Golden Chance Lotto: Step By Step

Winners Golden Chance Lotto is one of the oldest lottery company In Nigeria that has been providing lotto services to its players, it is Regulated by the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (NLRC). The company started operations in 2005 and has risen and metamorphosed into a strong entity that allows his gamers to place their bets from their comforts.

Winners Golden Chance Lotto has established its presence in six south western states in Nigeria which includes Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti states. The company boasts of 11 thousands outlets and point of sale in those states.

Golden Chance offers 4 games per day through their different channels which includes

  • Via Website
  • Via USSD
  • Point Of Sale (POS) Terminals or outlets
  • SMS
  • Mobile App

You can select numbers between 1 – 90 to play for any of their 4 games which includes

  • 2 Direct (Multiplier = #240)
  • 3 Direct (Multiplier = #2,100)
  • 4 Direct (Multiplier = #4,000)
  • 5 Direct (Multiplier = #75,000)

The Amount you placed on each of the game would be multiplied by their multiplier and thats the amount you would win if your bets are won

What You Need To Play Golden Chance Lotto Online

  • A Laptop, Mobile Phone Or Tablets
  • An Internet Connection

You can place your lottery bets either through the company’s official website at or through any of their point of sale outlets.


Step By Step Process To Play WInners Golden Chance Lotto.

golden chance lotto
golden chance lotto
  • Create a New Account if you are a New User or Log In if you already have an account.
  • Click On “Play Now” on The Menu
  • Select your bet type or the Game You want to Play (2 Direct, 3 Direct, 4 Direct, 5 Direct, Permutation, etc)
golden chance lotto
golden chance lotto
  • Select Your Numbers
  • Type the Amount of Money you want to stake
  • Click “Play Now”

How To Fund Your Account Wallet (Accepted Payment Methods)

Winners golden chance lotto has provided flexible means by which you can fund your account wallet easily online. You can deposit or transfer money to your wallet through the following means and platforms.

  • UBA Mobile Money / EmailMoni
  • Quickteller or Interswitch Webpay
  • Paystack
  • Bank Deposit (Acc No: 0137594293, Acc Name: Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited, Bank: FCMB)

To fund your account, visit the website and login with your details, then click on “Payments” on the menu and select your preferred funding method.


Winners Golden Chance Customer Service Contacts

Incase you encounter challenges or problems while trying to setup your golden chance lotto, you can always contact their customer service representatives through calling their phone numbers or sending them a mail.

You can also chat with the service representatives to learn more about their services and products.

Winners Golden Chance Head Office Address is at No. 55, Awolowo Way, Ikeja, lagos.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

  1. Minimum Amount That Can Be Stake is #5
  2. Maximum Amount That can be stake is #2,500
  3. Minimum Deposit Allowed is #100
  4. Minimum withdrawal is #1000

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    • Please how do i register to start playing golden chance lotto on my phone, I need the step by step process and should in case I win, how do i cash out my money.

  1. Gudafternoon sirs and mas. I played golden chance lotto on.line yesterday morning second game. Sunrise. I won 2 direct of 12k. That is 10 90 @ 50 naira only. But till now I am.yet to received the winnings. Could u pls let me know wat process I should do to get my winning and encouraged me to play on lone henceforth. Thanks

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